Pauline Bewick Portrait Photograph

Amid-painting the midwives in The Midnight Court

Midnight Court

Brian Merriman (c. 1749-1805) owes his fame and celebrity to one poem – The Midnight Court. Little else of his literary work is recorded. Few biographical details of his life survive …
“Pauline Bewick’s visual translation, in eleven pieces, carries the mastery and the genius of The Midnight Court readily. Clearly, as an artist, she is a disciple of Merriman and dogma holds no fear for her. She conveys the plots and themes of the poem with all of the persuasiveness and conviction for which her art is known. Merriman, with his unique idiom, his mixture of mischief and mirth, naturally attracted her. Like Merriman, she has the ability to startle and to surprise, reflecting shade and emphasis to strike the poetic emotional experience of fear, sensuality, fantasy and the impish gaiety of life” … - Professor Kieran R. Byrne

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